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  • Artist: Defcon Workshops
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  • Year: 2009

Defcon Workshops is an organisation set up to bring creative artistic experiences to young people in the community. We employ experts in their fields to work with the youth, passing on the knowledge they have accumulated throughout their respective careers. We specialise in music, dispatching mobile recording units and DJ setups to Youth Clubs, Schools, Fun Days and Housing Estates across London the South East and West, Successfully engaging with hard to reach young people from inner city London estates to rural Villages in the heart of Kent.

We have over 4 years experience delivering workshops and are thus well aware of the positive impact music can have on a young persons life - Affecting everyone in some way, shape or form, from those who have found a new hobby/outlet of expression through to our future super stars.

The young people undertake the creative processes of brainstorming, producing, writing and recording their own music, with the support of music industry experts. The aim is to produce something collectively, which all participants have had a role in.

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